If you are one of my faithful, weekly readers I am sure you recall reading that I enjoy holding little ones as well as that I have had the honor last summer and this summer of holding two different foster babies from a family on my son’s travel baseball team.

There is just something very special about loving these precious children. As I just shared once again with the foster mom, it just makes me feel closer to God when I encounter these children. Actually, it is probably a close second to my first happy place of being at the beach soaking up God’s presence all around me. Continue reading “GOD’S LITTLE ONES”


This week I would like to share with you an experience that my youngest son was excited to fully share with me upon his arrival home from a camping trip to a Christian music festival this past week.

After all, he started with saying, “It’s a long, crazy story and you’re going to want to write a blog post…a WHOLE blog post on this!”

How can I not if my teenager thought it was worth sharing? 😃  I do believe the experience highlights several principles that are applicable to our lives that you will be able to relate to.  Continue reading “BE THE ANGEL”


I have a proposition for you this week!



Try to look at interruptions in your day as opportunities!


Opportunities to communicate God’s love to another person or maybe experience God’s love in your life.



Isn’t it really true that people and God’s love are ultimately most important? Continue reading “INTERRUPTIONS are OPPORTUNITIES”


Be still and know that I’m with you
Be still and know I am


Those are words from this song entitled Be Still by The Fray.  Take a few moments before reading these thoughts to Be Still with the Lord and be blessed by His presence through this song.




Take time each day to be still

Get away from the hustle and bustle

Even if for five minutes

Spending time basking in God’s love and presence. Continue reading “BE STILL”




Have you ever considered what a vital role HOPE plays in our lives?


Upon further digging into the word hope, it was enlightening for me to reflect on the fact that there is hope, more in the “worldly” sense and there is hope in the “Biblical” sense.

Continue reading “HOPE”


Do you ever feel like you are not “doing” enough for the Lord?  That all you do is sit in the pew each week?

Do you ever get stuck feeling that you have to do something grandiose to really serve the Lord?

Do you ever wonder if your life is reflecting a life shining Christ’s reflection in the things you do or the way you live?




I believe that every moment is a moment to share Christ with others.  Yes, the simple little ways we share Christ count just as much as being a missionary to a foreign country!

Continue reading “ENCOURAGE ONE ANOTHER”


Jeremiah 18:1-10 (CEV)

18 The Lord told me, “Go to the pottery shop, and when you get there, I will tell you what to say to the people.”

I went there and saw the potter making clay pots on his pottery wheel. And whenever the clay would not take the shape he wanted, he would change his mind and form it into some other shape.

Then the Lord told me to say:

People of Israel, I, the Lord, have power over you, just as a potter has power over clay. If I threaten to uproot and shatter an evil nation and that nation turns from its evil, I will change my mind.

If I promise to make a nation strong, 10 but its people start disobeying me and doing evil, then I will change my mind and not help them at all.


Isaiah 64:8  (CEV)

8 You, Lord are our Father.

   We are nothing but clay,

but you are the potter.


These Bible verses produce in my mind some powerful images of God, our Father, as the Potter and we, His children, as the clay.  Continue reading “THE POTTER’S MASTERPIECE”


This week let us take a look at most likely a familiar Bible story about Jesus and His disciples and see what we can learn and apply to our lives.

Luke 8:22-25  (NIV)

Jesus Calms the Storm

22 One day Jesus said to his disciples, “Let us go over to the other side of the lake.” So they got into a boat and set out. 23 As they sailed, he fell asleep. A squall came down on the lake, so that the boat was being swamped, and they were in great danger. Continue reading “THE STORMS”


Airports have always been a fascinating place to me where I may even get a little sentimental as I watch people.

Have you ever taken time to observe the crowds of people gathered in an airport before loved ones go through security?

I have had the opportunity to be in airports three times in the last three weeks as family members have needed rides. It always makes me a little more reflective. Continue reading “AIRPORTS”


In our daily living, it is vital that we each share the gifts we have been given to help build up the Body of Christ which we belong to.

By doing that, we are working in harmony with our Creator to shine His love and mirror His image to our fellow pilgrims that we are journeying with.

Often I think it is easy to fall into the trap and lie of believing that we don’t have any “special” gifts to share.  No, we do not have to go overseas to be a Missionary to have a gift to share.

We ALL have been given gifts to edify the Body of Christ and be used for God’s glory. Continue reading “OUR GIFTS”