God is always at work in our lives perfectly orchestrating each moment!!

How I am grateful when I stop to take time to reflect on that each day, maybe even taking time to share that with others to hopefully encourage and inspire their lives too!

It helps fill our lives with the awe of God and to realize that yes, He really is Lord of all, always working in our lives. He is a pretty incredible God!

Living in the moment, each moment, appreciating the gift that each moment IS truly is a wonderful way to live.

Living with joy in our hearts and sharing that with others is another wonderful way to live. We have the power to brighten another’s day with His love.

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It was interesting that I just saw these thoughts as I was pondering this post:

Notice and appreciate the present moment. Just embrace what is in front of you!!

Is God calling you to do that today?


Yes, that is a great way to live. This past week I believe I did do that with a few God things that I thought were neat to reflect on in my life. I will share them in the hopes it will trigger you to think of some examples in your life that I hope you will share in the comment section below!

–It was one of those God’s perfect timing things that always make me smile and thankful to see. I was driving one of my children somewhere, when they ran into the convenience store, I pulled up to the gas pump to wash my bug-filled windshield off instead of pumping gas.

A truck pulled up alongside my car. It was a nice surprise to see my one son’s first baseball coach/friend from the past that I haven’t seen to talk to in probably 2 or 3 years. It was great catching up on the news with our families. I was thankful he saw me and stopped to talk as I did not see him.


–One day this week I stopped at our car repair shop to “pay up” on delivering some cookies that I made. The gentleman/shop did us a favor last week and I told him I would deliver some cookies that I make every now and then for them as a thank you. It happened to be a time when the gentlemen and I took time to talk about his hopes and dreams, our families, etc.

I had left the car running and was hoping to run one other errand before picking my son up at a certain time. Fifteen minutes flew by and I knew that it was more of a blessing to be present in the moment talking with the guy rather than moving on to my next errand. It blessed my day.


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–I had the honor of taking my mother to the airport, which is an hour away, the other day. It is a smaller airport and there were two planes leaving around the same time that day.

Only God could orchestrate it so that a friend of mine was also flying out of there on the other plane at the same time! To make it even more timely, my friend’s plane was supposed to leave earlier, but it had gotten delayed, so it ended up departing at the same time as my mothers.

We both arrived at the airport moments apart. It was very nice having both of them there at the same time and since my mother has not flown in probably 30 years, my friend was able to help my mom get through security and to the proper gate. It was a huge relief to help get her on her way.


–My youngest son has a happy outlook on life and the gift of making people laugh or smile sharing joy with others….living more in the moment. This son LOVES playing baseball but unfortunately last year after finally making the JV School baseball team, he got injured so ended up not being able to play from mid-April-Aug.

He was very happy that he made the school team again this year, but an injury reappeared BEFORE the games even started. He was benched for the whole school season but supported the team by going to all the practices and games. (I give him credit for his good sportsmanship though it was difficult on him not being able to play. We were hoping by the last week or so of the season, he would be able to, but that did not happen.)


This past week my son had a follow up appointment with the Orthopedic Dr. whom we have a good relationship with. We ended up waiting an hour in the room for him to come. My son’s injuries the last few years has sparked an interest in possibly becoming an athletic trainer at this point in his life. He was studying the skeletal and muscle posters on the walls and then had the idea to play the “Dr.” when the Dr. opened the door.

Sure enough, my son did an excellent job at welcoming the Dr. in the room by sitting on the sliding stool near the door, introducing himself to the Dr., then sliding on the stool over to the desk, etc. The real Dr. played along so well, with a huge smile on his face, jumping right up on the exam table. It was a priceless moment as my son even explained the x-ray results that were up on the computer screen, pretending to take notes, and explaining what the patient had to do to be able to resume playing baseball again.

The real Dr. couldn’t keep from smiling and said he had to give my son a bear hug for playing out the visit so well. The Dr. said he even felt bad for having to charge us since my son really did the appointment. This led to a conversation with the real Dr. and his athletic trainer to learn more about the job possibilities and even shadowing the trainer.

It is amazing what a good attitude can do to brighten others days! My son knew the Dr. would say, “You sure made my day”, and sure enough he did!

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Now that you have heard about some ways I have seen God orchestrate amazing interactions and how living in the moment can be a blessing, it is YOUR turn!!

Would you be so kind as to share in the comment section below ways you have experienced those things? Sharing God with each other builds us all up. Thank you in advance for your sharing!


This week try to be more aware of God orchestrating events in your life where you can glorify him as well as try to share joy with all you meet!


And remember to…..



I know there is nothing better for men than to be happy and do good while they live. That everyone may eat and drink, and find satisfaction in all his toil–this is the gift of God.  –Ecclesiastes 3:12-13  (NIV)


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