Writing has become an avenue for me to document and share what I feel in my heart…How I see God working in me, in people, and in this beautiful world that He created.

By most standards, I am an introvert, definitely not being one to speak up especially in a crowd.  I prefer one-on-one interactions especially when I feel respected and valued by another. But then you might not think I’m an introvert!

I am happiest when I am helping/serving/ministering to others. For me, it is another way to share Jesus with others and imitate Jesus’ life. He came to serve others and the ultimate way was death on the cross for you and me! Even holding the door open for a stranger is a way to serve, especially when done in His name.

Through the years, I have always felt a connection and closeness to the Lord in my heart, but have always found it hard to verbalize my thoughts. So, writing is a platform for me to share more openly with others what I feel.  Writing has enabled me to better understand what I am feeling or seeing in the world around me.

I actually started writing a few short little “poems” a little before I was a teen.  By my late teens, early 20’s, I started penning my thoughts on how I saw God in the world through short writings. My relationship with the Lord was rapidly growing through the Lord putting a few special people in my life to help my faith grow. At that time, I published some of my thoughts in our church newsletter and printed up little “Treasured Verses” books that I shared with family and friends.

Writing in my life then took about a 23 year detour or hiatus giving me time to focus on my growing family which was an important priority for me.  Wanting to provide for my family and always “doing” things for my family kind of distracted me from finding time to be alone and try to write. I struggled to find time for “me” to pursue writing. In hindsight, I think I was a little too worried about “doing” things and trying to provide for my family that maybe I neglected seeing God working in my life as much. Truly blessed working part-time in the finance arena since my children were born has afforded me a great opportunity to be able to do more ministry work and serve others.

Almost 3 years ago, a friend and I attended a Women of Faith Conference and we saw a Christian band, Third Day. Their music really touched my soul, and we have both been fans ever since attending many concerts and even being part of their meets and greets. We feel pretty special being on a first name basis now with the band members!

Being introduced to the Third Day music became monumental in jump starting my faith journey to start writing again. Following Third Day on social media led to a “snowball effect” in my life.  I ended up reading some inspiring Christian blogs which God used to rekindle my passion to write again.  I could relate to the blogs, and I felt led to see if it was something I could do.  And, as they say, the rest is history!

I am just a simple, ordinary gal, child of God, daughter, wife, mother of three blessings who wants to share Jesus with others through writing. Being in tune with the “little”, ordinary things in life daily seems to provide inspiration for my writings—just being aware of His presence in everything that happens, how He is working, and how everything is so connected.

In relation to my writings, I still struggle with feelings of inadequacies and insecurities but thankfully the Lord brought a special “editor” into my life who is always willing to critique and encourage me. She helps quell my fears to see if what I’m trying to say is coming out the “right” way.

In my writings, I want to make sure I accurately interpret Scripture References and Bible verses. I have another trusted friend, actually Third Day’s road pastor, that I can run any of those questions by which is another huge blessing. Ultimately, I want the Lord to be glorified in my life and writings.

Little by little, I have been growing to be more aware of that gentle voice directing me to share via writing about the little, ordinary things that happen in life.

My prayer is that your life will be inspired to maybe see something in a little different light or to walk closer to the Lord through reading. Blessings!

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