Our life on this earth is filled with choices!

God has given us the freedom of free will which applies to both simple, daily choices and long lasting life altering choices that impact the Kingdom of God. Continue reading “CHOICES”


Do you often feel like you and God are able to solve all your problems yourself? Maybe that you really don’t need a “human” to share with?

Is it because maybe you have been hurt one too many times by someone not holding your words in confidence or fear of being misunderstood?

Or is it too hard to be vulnerable and open with someone because you don’t want to be wounded somehow? Continue reading “LISTEN”


One of the most well known Bible stories, I have to believe, is the one found only in Luke’s gospel which is entitled The Parable of the Lost Son or The Prodigal Son.  I was recently reading some thoughts about the story and agree that it almost seems like a better title for the story would be “The Loving Father.” Continue reading “THE LOVING FATHER”


Isn’t the Easter season the most beautiful, powerful time of the year when we really celebrate the centrality of our faith?

Yes, even a little more special than Christmas when we celebrate Jesus’ birth on this earth as a human.

Easter is where the center of our faith resonates!

Continue reading “RESURRECTION POWER”


This Lenten and Easter season has inspired me to reflect on one of the best know symbols of Christianity and our faith—the CROSS.

I believe this song, Meanwhile Back at the Cross, by Gordon Mote, is a perfect introduction and focus for these thoughts. Continue reading “THE CROSS”


Jesus chose to model the ultimate act of obedience to God, His Father, for YOU… And me!!

Isn’t that a powerful thought to reflect on especially as we prepare for Holy Week and Easter in the coming week? Continue reading “OBEDIENCE”


You know that scout motto that has been around forever…BE PREPARED?Let’s take a few moments and reflect on those words.

A quick google search on the Scout Motto of BE PREPARED yielded some of these thoughts from Wikipedia:

BE PREPARED  means you are always in a state of readiness.

–Be prepared in Mind

–Be prepared in Body

You have to be prepared at any moment to face difficulties and even dangers by knowing what to do and how to do it. Continue reading “BE PREPARED”


The presence of the Lord is always existing around us, among us and within us!!

Isn’t that comforting and such a special gift from the Lord? Continue reading “THE PRESENCE OF THE LORD”


Can you relate to this story on some level?

A week ago, my eldest son asked me to accompany him clothes shopping at a big mall (for local readers aka Destiny USA).  It was a major shopping trip so he could buy appropriate business attire for the launching of his upcoming professional career in the “real” world! Continue reading “BURDENS”


Each day we encounter people who are hurting deeply, struggling to find their way; dealing with pain in some fashion.

In fact, I think it is safe to say that we all experience pain or some type of heartache at different times in our life. None of us are exempt. Continue reading “SHARE THE PAIN”