Do you ever think that your life doesn’t really have an impact on others?
Do you ever think that your life is not that important?
Do you ever think that since you are just a simple, ordinary person your life does not leave an imprint on others?


Hopefully your response to all of the above questions is a strong NO, but, if you are like me at all, maybe you sometimes get stuck in the trap of thinking YES to one or all of the questions. Continue reading “IMPACTING OTHERS”


As humans on this earth, what is something we have all experienced to some degree in our lives?  I would dare say…..




Who has “abandoned” you…whether intentional or out of one’s control?
What situations have made you feel abandoned?

Continue reading “ABANDONMENT”


Isn’t it always a pleasant surprise when we, as adults, end up being taught some life lessons from our children or even some children we may interact with in our life?


Sometimes we even say “out of the mouth of babes” with some of the wisdom that may come out of their mouths and sometimes we can learn lessons from their actions as well. Continue reading “SHOW THYSELF FRIENDLY”


Have you ever noticed that a simple act which may appear so “small” to you can be so “big” to someone else?

In other words, we never know when the smallest act of kindness can have the biggest impact in someone else’s life.

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The first day of school this year for my youngest son started with him in the middle of a shower when suddenly the power went out quite unexpectedly!  I guess kind of fortunately, he didn’t have shampoo in his hair when that happened; instead it had to be a “no shampoo” day for him!  Our house has a well for water, not city water, so when the power goes out we do not really have water either! Not the best way to start the school year but it ended up much better than six years ago when our area experienced a flood that afternoon and was without electricity for 5 days. This time it was only a few hours. Continue reading “IN THE SILENCE”


What is there not to like about good ole Mister Rogers?

We all know Mister Rogers always shared great thoughts and advice, right?

Won’t you please take a moment to listen to this one minute video as he shared some words of wisdom with us?



Isn’t there such great truth in the wisdom Mister Rogers shared from his mother? Continue reading “ALWAYS LOOK FOR THE HELPERS”


Our hearts, orphans and widows.

What does the Bible have to say about those things?


Consider James 1:26-27:

26 If you claim to be religious but don’t control your tongue, you are fooling yourself, and your religion is worthless. 27 Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you. (NLT) Continue reading “TAKE CARE OF THEM”


Do you ever get a little down dwelling on the negative circumstances happening in your life?
Do you know any people that seem, despite difficult circumstances, to rise above those things and shine their light to bless others?  You might even want to emulate how you see them living? Continue reading “RISE ABOVE”



Do you follow the Lord with reckless abandon?


First, what does reckless abandon mean?

Reckless, meaning “having or showing no regard for danger or consequences” and abandon, meaning “showing lack of restraint” leads me to view

Following the Lord with reckless abandon as….
…Surrendering ourselves and our life to following God, with all our being, with no regard for anything else in this world.
…Letting Him lead and guide us even when things do not make logical sense.
…Clinging to Him and trusting Him that He is the author of our life who leads and guides our every step.

Continue reading “RECKLESS ABANDON”




The above quote can be seen hanging on the fence near the dugout for my son’s travel baseball team.

Every inning as the boys run onto the field, they hit the sign with their glove as a reminder to give all! Continue reading “GIVE ALL”