I have a proposition for you this week!



Try to look at interruptions in your day as opportunities!


Opportunities to communicate God’s love to another person or maybe experience God’s love in your life.



Isn’t it really true that people and God’s love are ultimately most important? Continue reading “INTERRUPTIONS are OPPORTUNITIES”


Can you reflect on times in your life when you really “longed” for something?

–Was it for a baby that you really wanted to make your family complete?

–Was it for a child to return home after a semester at college in another state? Continue reading “LONGING”


Spending time near bodies of water, like the ocean, always renews my spirit. I see and feel God’s presence in the living waters that He has created and blessed us with.

A week at the beach this summer brought me time to read some inspiring books and time to reflect on…. Continue reading “LIVING WATERS”