Have you ever noticed that a simple act which may appear so “small” to you can be so “big” to someone else?

In other words, we never know when the smallest act of kindness can have the biggest impact in someone else’s life.

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In my humanness, my heart was saddened this past week with learning that a gentleman named Mark, who served the drinks on our soup kitchen weekend once a month, will not be ministering with us anymore.

The Lord called him home last week.


Yes, I am happy that he is with the Lord now and not suffering humanly in any way.

The sad part is that I will miss Mark’s physical appearance being there serving up the drinks when we work at the soup kitchen now.


I guess the important thing I can do is think about the legacy his life reflected and try to live out to some degree the example he provided.  We all leave a legacy by the way we live our lives daily.

Mark’s death has kind of hit me hard for some reason.  Maybe it is because of the ways he ended up touching my heart.

The very first post I did back in September of 2014, entitled An Unexpected Phone Call, was inspired because of Mark’s kindness. That is kind of cool to think about.  🙂


This past weekend we ended up working at the soup kitchen when it was not our regularly scheduled week.  Both the main people, who run it on our weekend who were away for a few months prior to this weekend, and I tried to contact Mark to see if he could help that day.  There was no answer on the telephone.

After we got settled at the soup kitchen that morning, two of us went to his house to see if he was around.  Again, no response.

Later that day, we learned that he had died the morning before.


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