Do you ever think that your life doesn’t really have an impact on others?
Do you ever think that your life is not that important?
Do you ever think that since you are just a simple, ordinary person your life does not leave an imprint on others?


Hopefully your response to all of the above questions is a strong NO, but, if you are like me at all, maybe you sometimes get stuck in the trap of thinking YES to one or all of the questions. Continue reading “IMPACTING OTHERS”


Do you often feel like you and God are able to solve all your problems yourself? Maybe that you really don’t need a “human” to share with?

Is it because maybe you have been hurt one too many times by someone not holding your words in confidence or fear of being misunderstood?

Or is it too hard to be vulnerable and open with someone because you don’t want to be wounded somehow? Continue reading “LISTEN”