The way we live life on this earth is so dependent on our perspective…the outlook we have on life and its many experiences!

I am sure you already know that but sometimes it is easy to lose our focus so let this be a quick check up to make sure your perspective is still on the right track.  🙂 Continue reading “PERSPECTIVE”


Our life on this earth is filled with choices!

God has given us the freedom of free will which applies to both simple, daily choices and long lasting life altering choices that impact the Kingdom of God. Continue reading “CHOICES”


November, along with celebrating Thanksgiving Day, is the month we tend to set aside to remember and give thanks for the many blessings we have more readily than we do other times of the year. Continue reading “THANKS IN ALL”


Are you up for a challenge this week? 

It is feasible that you might already live your life doing this daily which is wonderful if you do!  If so, thanks for the great example with the way you live your life.

But then again, maybe you need this challenge.

Read on and see which category you fall into….. Continue reading “FIND THE GOOD”