The way we live life on this earth is so dependent on our perspective…the outlook we have on life and its many experiences!

I am sure you already know that but sometimes it is easy to lose our focus so let this be a quick check up to make sure your perspective is still on the right track.  🙂


I like Cambridge Dictionary’s definition of the word


a particular way of viewing things that depends on one’s experience and personality

the ability to consider things in relation to one another accurately and fairly

I liked that after the two definitions it said:

in perspective

If something is in perspective, it is considered as part of a complete situation so that you have an accurate and fair understanding of it


I believe that our perspective of life is really based on two main things:

How we view God

How we view life itself


What is your perspective of God?

Is He a distant, unapproachable judge who always condemns?

It seems if we view God in this way, our perspective on life might be more that we can not measure up to God’s expectations so we will always be striving but never making the mark. It might feel like we need to “do” things or act a certain way to earn God’s love and maybe even our  salvation.

Or, is He a close, loving, forgiving Father whom you know intimately?

If our perspective of God is one of a loving Father, one who loves and accepts us unconditionally, just as we are, that frees us from trying to earn His love or our salvation. Our relationship is one of mutual love and we naturally want to share that with all we encounter. That kind of love leads to peace and joy that is impossible to contain.

What is your perspective of life itself?

Is it one of drudgery, where nothing seems to go right?

Your world is very negative and there is no hope. Day after day you just exist, going through the motions but not finding any joy?

Or, is your perspective of life one where you find meaning in your identity as a Child of God?

One where you know you are here on earth to glorify Him in all you do.  You seek ways to share Christ with all you meet extending His love to others. And even though there are many struggles you know deep in your heart that it is all okay because God is always with you.


Photo courtesy of BK under Creative Commons License (CC BY SA-2.0)


The decisions we make in this life are based on our perspective of life.

Isn’t that good news for us? That means we are actually able to change our view of something IF we make a conscious effort to change our perspective on the situation.

During the times we lean toward a negative perspective in life, may the Lord lead us back on track with a more positive perspective.

From personal experience, when I have a more positive perspective on life, it is always a blessing to see the Lord at work in even the smallest of things like running into an old acquaintance.  It helps me be more open to others, taking time to love more and enjoy each moment.


I think the story this song, Faith Like That, by Gordon Mote, tells is a perfect example of how perspective can make such a difference in our lives.  Take a listen and see if you agree.


Is the Lord showing you ways you can change your perspective on something specific in your life?

The challenge for us all is to daily strive to be aligned with God’s perspective of ourselves, life, and Him. Keep seeking Him through the Word, fellow-shipping with other Christians, and being open to the Spirit.

God’s perspective is always “in perspective” because He knows the whole picture of everything!


I will leave you with these two thoughts:


I am thankful for small mercies. I compared notes with one of my friends who expects everything of the universe, and is disappointed when anything is less than the best, and I found that I begin at the other extreme, expecting nothing and am always full of thanks for moderate goods.  –Ralph Waldo Emerson

God wants you to know:  The world is as good as you see it is. If your perspective is on the bad, you will see a bad world.  If your perspective is on the good, you will see goodness.  Choose your perspective carefully!


Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.  –Romans 12:2 (NIV)

Author: Christine

Welcome to Hope to Inspire You….Highlighting God’s presence to Inspire your Life! I’m Christine, a Christian, hoping to inspire you by sharing what is in my heart about our faith and our great God. Take some time, read some of my thoughts, and feel free to comment and share your thoughts…It would be a blessing to hear from you. My prayer is that you may be inspired and blessed in some small way by reading!

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    1. You are so right, Lux! When we step back and view life with Jesus’ lens, it makes all the difference in our world! A great thing to keep doing. Thanks for your faithful reading and blessing!

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